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Avoid Road Rage With These 6 Simple Tips

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We are always under pressure to get to places as fast as possible and we do not have a real effective public transport system. High volume traffic on the roads can lead to instances of road rage.

It is easy to be upset by someone driving too slow in the fast lane or someone cutting you off in traffic or the infamously dangerous ways taxi drivers drive on the roads. The key is to make sure that you do not encourage road rage.

Road rage is the manifestation of pent up frustrations and anger that a person will experience due to the high stressors of modern society. According to physiologists, the most prevalent types of mental disorders are aggression and depression. These two behavioural conditions coupled with the urgency of deadlines and appointments may lead behaviour that incite road rage.

Men and women behave differently in cases of road aggression and it is known that men are primarily the aggressors of road rage. However, recently it has been shown that women too are both the aggressor and victims of road rage.

We have heard countless stories of how road rage has led to crimes that are more serious and since it has not yet been ruled as a crime by the state, criminal behaviour of a violent nature has been on the rise because of road frustration.

Listed are six ways to avoid road rage.

1. Be kind.
Be a courteous driver. If someone wants to get in the lane, allow him or her enough room to drive in. Also, do not be rude to other drivers. Do unto others…

2. Sleep well.
When we are tired, we are more prone to annoyance and raging behaviour. Make sure you are well rested, and you have a good power breakfast or filling lunch before heading out on your journey.

3. Listen to soothing music.
The effects of calming music like classical or smooth jazz will calm your stress. Maybe get yourself some relaxing ambient sounds to listen to that will take your mind off the craziness going on outside your car.

4. Be patient.
Yes, we get it, you are in a rush to get to your destination on time, and it is not your fault that the kids took hours getting ready for school and that you maybe woke up late…
Point is, try to be on time or give yourself enough time to get what needs to be done before leaving home and also have a good lead time to cater to the instance if traffic.

5. Think about others.
Remember when you were a learner driver, how nerve wrecking it was to drive on national roads for the first time? Right, it was pretty daunting and hearing the impatient hoots and shouts from other drivers shook your confidence in driving. Remember those poor souls on the roads.

6. Check yourself.
You need to reflect on the way you drive, are you too aggressive, do you swear at people, do you indicate before changing lanes etc. These are questions that you should ask yourself to see if maybe, you are in fact a bad driver and that you might be the cause of others reacting negatively on the roads.

Driving is stressful as is, and getting involved in road rage will only make your journey more miserable. Enjoy the ride (if possible) and just RELAX. Your safety is paramount.

Busi Nhlapo

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