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How To Deal Easily With Beauty Emergencies

beauty emergencies

Beauty emergencies are like a predator tracking its prey; it waits patiently, until the right moment and then strikes without warning. Whether you’re on a date, at a wedding, or at a night on the town, don’t let a beauty emergency catch you off guard and stop you from looking you’re best. You may not think it, but there are ways that you can be ready for them.

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Chipped and Broken Nails

Spent hours applying your nail polish just to have a nail chip on your date? There are ways to deal with this that don’t require you leaving the restaurant. If you don’t have a nail file handy ask a waitress for a match box and use the side as a file. Be careful that you don’t scratch the back off as it can turn your nails a shade of black and red.

Chipped your nail an hour before your date? A trick, if your nail is holding on, is to use a piece of coffee filter or tea bag and cut it into the shape of your nail. Apply a base coat and place the piece on your nail, making sure to smooth it over. Apply another coat, and there you go, you now have a new nail!



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