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How to experience explosive career growth

Becoming an executive assistant could be your next strategic career move. Gone are the days of going to secretarial school to learn how to type and take minutes, the executive assistant role has evolved into, what most would consider, a management role. Most high level executive and personal assistants have degrees and are especially good at project management, budgeting and people management.

In an interview on www.PAnetwork.co.za, Shirley Antic (the Executive Assistant to the CEO Anglo American Platinum Limited) said that her boss relies on her to look at incoming issues, whether they be emails,  requests for meetings, telephone calls etc. and to have a good understanding of their importance and so that she can channel the urgent and important requests to her boss, and channel the rest to the appropriate people or deal with them herself.

The ability to do this, so as to ensure that the CEO doesn’t miss any critical issues, indicates a higher level of capability than a traditional personal assistant. One of the big draw cards to the executive assistant position is the salary, which is often on a par with other senior management position salaries. Many high level PA’s travel extensively and enjoy the same perks as their boss.

There are more opportunities than ever before, for women, to rise to senior level positions in the corporate world. If you are looking to get ahead in your career, moving into an executive assistant  position could be one of smartest moves you make, on your way up to the top.

The organisers of the 9 th Annual Joburg Secretaries Day Conference, the largest PA conference in SA, have thoroughly researched the role of the executive assistant. They have designed a unique event that is a combination of motivation, inspiration and essential technical skills, especially targeted to meet the needs of the modern PA. Topics covered at the conference this year range from Emotional Intelligence to Leadership Skills.

The event is happening on the 7 th – 8 th September 2016. If you are a PA and would like to network with like-minded go getters, the event is a must. For more information visit www.secday.co.za


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