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How to Get the Best Eyebrows on the Internet

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Brow season is in full force, people. From sleek, perfectly-arched Zendaya style to bushy Cara Delevingne brows, we rounded up the best on the web – and tell you exactly how to get them yourself.

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Thick and ‘ungroomed’


How to get this look? First and foremost, don’t ever touch a tweezer again. Some people would sell their souls to have thick brows like this, so why pluck them? This look is all about embracing your natural brow style and grooming is only done once in a while, usually to remove the few hairs that may grow in-between your brows or underneath your arches, which will then give your eye area a slight lift. For those who dream of having brows like these, spend at least three months growing them out. Castor oil is rumoured to be a great remedy for brow growth, so maybe try that (and let us know if it works).




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