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Our 8 Best Parenting Tips for 2015

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Raising children certainly can feel like a thankless job at times. The job can get easier, though, when you learn new parenting skills and reach out for support. So as we move together into the New Year, here are eight tips that we’ve seen make a difference in families’ lives:

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1. Control what you can: your response

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you by responding with harsh punishments in the moment. The reality is, when you are giving a consequence, it isn’t about how bad it stings or how much you inconvenience your child. It really is about how consistent you are. Being steady, measured and predictable will work even if your child is not demonstrating his or her discomfort in a visible manner. Stay focused on what you do have control over: your response. The wonderful thing about being confident in this process is that you can stay calm and in their corner, which is where you want to be anyway.

Empower your children to succeed under any circumstances


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