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The best photo editing apps you should download

Have you ever wondered why some Instagram accounts have thousands of followers, and others don’t? Those damn near perfect photos you see while doing your daily Instagram scrolling probably didn’t look that gorgeous originally. You can literally take your photos from ordinary to pieces of art, with just a few tweaks to the lighting, saturation, or adding a filter. Here are a few of the best photo editing apps you should have on your phone to help you develop an eye for editing.


I love VSCO. It’s got tons of free filters as well as some amazing paid for filters, too. It’s also a great photo sharing platform and serves as a source of inspiration for your own photos. One tip for VSCO would be to go on Pinterest and look up the best filters to use for different ‘feelings’. Stick to one and keep it going throughout your feed.

Unlike other apps where the filters can be garish and overpowering, VSCO’s presets are designed to emulate classic and modern analog films. Many of the filters feature a soft, slightly faded look that’s quickly become very popular on Instagram. The strength of every filter can be adjusted to suit your taste, and the app also features a number of highly-effective editing and adjustment tools for fine-tuning your image.


If you desire more advanced tools then Enlight is the app for you. One of the best features is the mask tool. It allows you to apply effects to selected parts of your image while leaving the rest untouched. Make outfit photos really pop by using this tool to accent your accessories.

Enlight has an extensive collection of basic and advanced editing tools, as well as a selection of more whimsical and artistic effects for getting really creative with your images. The Mask tool allows you to apply effects to selected parts of your image, leaving the rest of the photo unaltered.


Okay so you might have to pay a subscription to get full access to Lightroom, but if you’re willing it can really make a huge difference to your photos. With one click you can make the colors pop, change the settings on only one part of the image and make yourself look like a professional photographer without any hard work. I love this, and seeing all my phone photos on the computer easily with the cloud feature just makes it even better!


There was a time when nobody used Facetune. Now it’s a household name. Step up your selfie game with this app. Facetune gives you the capability to look your absolute best. You can brighten your smile, erase blemishes, and even brighten those annoying dark circles. Use the defocus tool to fade the background, quickly erase a stray hair stuck in your lipgloss and more.


Afterlight is another amazing app for editing photos, you can add grain and texture, change the brightness and contrast and give your photos a real come-to-life feel. You can also use custom frames, so your photos could appear inside an alphabetical letter (for example) or a shape. If you’ve been wondering how people are making their photos circular or giving them texture, it’s Afterlight, baby!

Simply HDR

This app produces stunning HDR photos. Quickly apply one of the HDR presets, or take control and create your own unique style. Once you have found those perfect settings, you can easily save them for later. Simply HDR is a powerful app that adds drama and consistency to your photos.


Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps for the iPhone, and for good reason. It’s incredibly easy to use, but at the same time it offers a powerful collection of tools.

This app excels in all basic photo processing techniques, including exposure, color, sharpening, cropping and straightening. It also offers advanced editing features such as selective adjustments and a healing tool for removing unwanted objects.

In addition to these, there’s a great selection of creative filters that you can use to convert your photos to black and white, apply textures, add blur effects, and otherwise enhance the mood of your images.

If you’re new to iPhone photography, this really should be the first photo editor app you download and learn.



Sooner or later you’ll want to experiment with applying textures and other creative effects to your iPhone photos. While there are many worthy apps for doing this, the one that’s often mentioned first by mobile artists is Mextures.

Not only does this app offer a wide range of textures, grains and light leaks, but each of them is fully adjustable and you can combine as many as you want through an easy-to-use layering feature.

It can take a bit of time to learn how to take full advantage of Mexture’s features, but you can get started in no time by using a wide range of preset “formulas.”

The creative options available in Mextures really are endless, and it’s one of the best photo editing apps for creating your own unique editing style.

Font Candy

As the name implies, Font Candy is a photo editing app that allows you to overlay creative font captions on your photos. If you are having writer’s block, then you can select preset sayings from the app. Font Candy also has scaling and cropping tools that you can use. As demonstrated by the screenshots, this app can come in handy for creating marketing materials and wedding-related graphics.

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