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Build a Better Body Image – No Dieting Required

better body image no diet

How women look is very important because if they look good, they feel good and ooze with confidence. You a can build a better body image with your clothes. The first step is to know your body shape and then play around with various clothing pieces – here are some tips:

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There are basically four body types: apple, pear, hourglass and athletic.


This body shape means you are long and lean and most people with this body shape wish they were a bit curvier to look more feminine. To look curvier, buy clothes that have stripes that go across so as to appear curvier. Also buy clothes with pleats, gathers and polka dots. These clothes will make you look curvier and take the attention away from your body. Soft swingy skirts work better than miniskirts as they give the illusion of wider hips. Wear bias cut dresses with midi heels or bubble skirts will also ensure that you look a curvy.


With this body shape you want to show off your waist and your bust. You can wear a tight top and a flowing skirt to show off your waist. Do not wear ‘’curtain clothes” with no shape, they will make you appear bigger. Opt for playful textures and patterns that will draw the eye upwards and pull focus from your hips. When buying skirts, opt for skirts that end above the knee to make your legs appear longer. You can also wear a plain top and a printed skirt to draw attention from your hips to your bust.


With this body shape, do not be tempted to hide problem areas under bulky cuts. A fitted high-waisted skirt will hide your tummy while flaunting your curves. Also opt for curved hems and a fitted waist will narrow your middle and create the illusion of an hourglass. If you want to create the illusion of a waist, make sure you wear trench coats with a belt and blazers with the hemline on the waist or that is a peplum.


If you have this shape, opt for tight clothes to show off your voluptuous body. If you are conscious about your breasts, opt for asymmetrical dresses and tops so as to draw attention away from your breasts and make you breasts look smaller. A pencil skirt flatters this figure because you get to show off your waist and your curves. If you want to look slimmer, opt for an a-line skirt that is just below your knees and make sure it fits properly. When wearing a jacket, equal out your top and bottom by creating a lean silhouette with interesting lapels and shoulder pads.

Body Image Tips That need no Dieting

  1. Belt up if you want to create the illusion of a small waist
  2. Wear stripes that go across if you want to appear curvier and vertical stripes if you want to appear taller.
  3. Wear black if you want to look slimmer.
  4. Wear patterns so as to hide you problem areas, they will draw the attention from your body to your clothes.
  5. Wear high waisted skirts to hide your stomach and enhance your curves and show off your legs.

Go forth and look fabulous without working hard but smart!

Written by Imelda Moyo

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