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A Birthday Cake With A Twist

The perfect Birthday Cake With A Twist ,

Looking for a way to enhance your birthday cakes? Take a look at this amazing technique! Create a cake that looks simple on the outside but when you slice it the inside is filled with a colourful surprise! This clever idea is quite simple and is guaranteed to win you compliments. 

At first make a separate servings of cake batter and divide it into different bowls. Then you can add a different food colour to each bowl and fill some piping bags with the batters. Finally drizzle the different batters on top of each other and place in oven.


When your colourful batter is fully baked you can proceed to the next step, cutting out a number or shape with a cookie cutter.

2Next, you will make another batch of plain cake batter and pour it into a cake tin so it fils only 1/3 of the tin. Place your cutout shapes in a row. Use the rest of the plain batter and cover up the shapes (its better to fill the sided first and only afterwards to cover the top). Place cake tin in the oven and let it bake.

3Once its done you can start frosting your cake

4Roll different colour fondant logs together and use a pastry board to flatten it


Finally you can cover your cake!

Bon Apetit!

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