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Bonding: Important for Staying Together


We all have fond memories of the exciting times when you just started dating your loved one. Everything was new and exciting, and you spent hours just chatting together or making plans.

However, as time goes by, children, demanding jobs, long commutes, different hobbies and other obligations can make it hard to find time together. It’s critical for your relationship, though, to make time for yourselves.

If you don’t have quality time, communication and understanding start to erode. Simple ways to connect as a couple and rekindle love:

  • Try hard to spend quality time together regularly. Even during very busy times, a few minutes of sharing and connecting can really help keep bonds strong.
  • Find something that you enjoy doing together, like having a cup of coffee together in the morning, share a hobby, go to dance classes or walk together.
  • Do something new together – this can be a fun way to connect and keep things interesting. Try a new restaurant or visit a new place you’ve never been before. In the early stages of a relationship couples often have more fun. Keeping your sense of humour can reduce stress and help you get through tough times. Sadly this playful attitude can sometimes be left behind as life challenges get in the way.
  • Have fun together. Think about playful ways to surprise your partner, like bringing flowers or a favourite movie home when the other one is not expecting it. ◾ Learn how to play again. Playing with pets or small children can also help you re-discover your playful side. Doing something together you also learn more about your partner and how they like to have fun.
  • Laugh together. Most situations are not as bad as they seem when you approach them with humour. A little humour and playful interaction can help in relieving tense situations and helping you see the brighter side. Learn more about how playful communication can improve your relationship, and for fun ways to practice this skill.

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