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How to Boost Your Earning Power

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Life is expensive. Providing for a family with all the necessities like medical costs and school fees creates a high bar for necessary income. If want to enjoy the finer things in life, enriching your days with valuable experiences, the financial cost is much higher and with inflation these prices continue to climb while your income struggles to keep up.

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Simply put, we use money as a medium to exchange labour for goods and services. In other words, you exchange your labour for money that you in turn exchange for goods and services you need.

Laws of money

According to Brian Tracy’s The 21 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money your most valuable asset in terms of cash flow and generating money is your physical and mental ability to earn. How much you earn is an accurate barometer for the development your earning ability so far.

Invest in yourself

Thus it is of paramount importance to invest in yourself in terms of time and money, multiplying your ability to earn more. It’s not just about developing hard skills that your can exchange for income; it’s also about developing soft skills like emotional and social intelligence, self-leadership and communication. As you grow in terms of earning power, it’s essential to balance this with increased personal growth in order to cope with and amplify your new capabilities.

Improve skills

Improving your skills can seem like an insurmountable challenge if you don’t have enough meaning and purpose to drive it, prompting excuses like: “I don’t have money,” “I don’t have time,” “I don’t know what to do.”

These excuses not only keep you stuck in your current situation, they rob you of unleashing your full potential. There is no excuse to stay stuck earning an insufficient income. It’s up to you to take responsibility and improve. If you don’t have money, make a plan to save for your personal investment – redefine your priorities in terms of how you see yourself and the life you want to lead, what you want to do and who you want to be.

Improve continuously

Continuous improvement requires long-term thinking. Redefining the above is the first step on a journey towards self-actualization and realizing your potential. Next, start a 5-Year Plan and beyond to reach your goals.


The key to self-actualization is that meaning and performance influence each other. When you experience high meaning in your work, you will naturally want to improve your skills. The synergy of your skills, talents and passions gives you purpose and peak experiences, driving you to focus your time away from distracting activities like watching television and non-intentional busyness.

Successful people improve their earning power continuously.

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Written by Dina Marais

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