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The Sure Way to Boost Your Sex Drive

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Sex or the lack thereof can be a very touchy subject. In today’s world it seems to be on everyone’s lips and every which way that we turn. It is because of this that it can be hard to admit when our sex lives are not exactly how we would like them to be. But sometimes all it takes to reignite the flame is a little sensory stimulation. Here are tips to boost your sex drive through the 5 senses.

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A good way to please the eye is to set up a romantic environment. What will look more relaxing, a room full of softly lit candles or one with the glaring light of an interrogation room? As soon as the eyes are at ease, our bodies and minds are soon to follow. So clear up all the clutter in your room, whether it is unfolded laundry or children’s toys and prepare it for some one on one time with your mate. Another way to stimulate the eyes is to dress the way you want to feel, which is sexy! So wear a silky negligee that you love or his favourite lingerie which should be coming off in 5, 4, 3…

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