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This Braided Hair Trend is Going to be Big in 2016

French Braid


You may think it’s difficult to French braid your own hair, but it can be done! First brush your hair making sure that it’s smooth. Starting from the hairline, gather your hair at the top of your head dividing it into three equal sections.

Hold the right section in your right hand, left in your left hand and middle between your thumb and another finger. Begin the braid by crossing the right section over the middle one and repeat the step with the left section. Pull the sections tight so that it doesn’t become undone. Before repeating the step with the right section, gather a little additional hair from the right side of your head and add it to that section.

Then cross that large part of the hair over the middle section of the braid.  Repeat this step to the left section. Make sure the sections you add are of equal size so that your braid doesn’t look lop-sided. Continue with it until you’ve gathered all the additional hair, finishing it with a regular braid.




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