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Globally marriage is under attack. Trends indicate fewer couples committing to marriage and an increasing number of divorces, with many countries reporting that half of all marriages end in divorce.

The negative impact and short and long term consequences of divorce on families and society is devastating. Relationship breakdown takes its toll on all concerned. Adults may suffer rejection and damaged self- esteem while children are denied stable homes and functional families often leading to emotional, behavioural, health and learning difficulties. Society suffers.

Written to address the global pandemic and to motivate and equip people to treasure their relationships and marriages, Renato and Cristiane Cardoso’s international best-seller Bullet Proof Marriage: Your shield against divorce has already exceeded initial sales expectations one week after its release in South Africa. Bullet Proof Marriage is available from Exclusive Books, online and in stores.

This practical, inspirational and life-changing book is dedicated to couples who value their marriage enough to bullet-proof it and to smart singles who know that prevention is better that cure. The authors suggest that relationships do not suffer from a lack of love but rather a lack of tools to solve the problems that arise in married life.  When marriages were solid, children learned these behavioural and relationship skills from their role model parents, but modern parents are often an example of what not to do. Useful relationship skills and marriage education are difficult to find, but this book shares valuable knowledge and insights to benefit others.

Another factor identified by the Cardosos is ignorance of the true meaning of love and the idea that love is a feeling which can fade. From personal experience in their own 23 year marriage, and years of counselling couples on four continents, they have learned that married people are unhappy because of what they are doing incorrectly, not because they married the wrong person. Couples accumulate problems without ever solving them which leads to a suffocated, crushed and helpless love where good feelings give way to anger, indifference and even hatred. The book offers the hope that love can be salvaged and provides lessons on how to get to know and understand the other person on a deep and meaningful level.

The authors say: “Love is knowing the other person, admiring everything you learn about them and seeing their flaws in a positive light. We can learn to love anyone or anything if we dedicate ourselves to it.” Bullet Proof Marriage contains wisdom on how to love intelligently and how to be happy with your spouse.

Renato and Cristiane Cardoso will host a conference at the Coca Cola Dome, Northgate in Johannesburg on Saturday 15 March 2014 from 2pm – 4pm offering additional insights and information on their book. Tickets are available from Boitumelo on 011 224 3447 or boitumelo@uckg.org.za.

bullet proof     For further information, please contact Nametso Mofokeng at the UCKG public relations department on pr@uckg.org.za.

Contact: Nicola Balderson 011 444 5531 or 083 377 9407


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