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Valeria Richter Turned Away At Cannes Film Festival

Valeria Richter Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival, currently ongoing, has become the centre of controversy . The festival is facing a PR crisis as reports surface of women (and even an amputee) being turned away for not wearing high heels.

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The Incident

While there is no official rule when it comes to a woman’s choice in shoes  at the Cannes Film Festival, film producer Valeria Richter experienced otherwise. She was stopped by officials on the red carpet for not wearing high heels a total of four times before eventually being allowed inside. Richter has had part of her foot amputated and is therefore unable to balance in heels.

The Aftermath

This incident has sparked numerous reports from other women who have not been allowed in for wearing flat shoes. The official dress code is formal, however there is no mention of high heels. This has sparked debate regarding the complexity of fashion and definition of formal shoes, of which heels form only a part of.

The Response

Stars such as Emily Blunt have subsequently expressed their disappointment in the festival for these occurrences, while the unofficial rule has been described as ‘unfounded’ by festival director Thierry Fremaux. All eyes are now on festival goers as it is possible that a movement against heels arises.

Cannes has attempted to minimise sexism in cinema by opening with a film directed by a women and endorsing the ‘Women in Motion’ series. This has been turned upside down as this controversy continues to spread through the news.

The Cannes Film Festival has been overshadowed by the controversy around feminism and heels that it has caused. What are your thoughts?

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