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These Funny Asian and Chinese Names Will Make You Laugh!

funniest chinese names

So it goes without saying that English and certain Eastern Languages have…. compatibility issues. But laughter remains universal no matter which language it comes from. We’ve compiled a list of funny Asian and Chines names that will make you laugh!

Speaking of funny names, do you know what these are?

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Tara Hui 思华

Porntip ปรานต์ทิพ

Yoyo Tran 潘婉玥

If you guessed that they were all Asian or Chinese names, you’re right! These are just a few of the hilarious names that will make you laugh. We’ve got plenty more for you to check out.

Wai So Dim – Why so dim?
Dum Gai – Dumb Guy?
Chin Tu Fat – Chin too fat?
Kum Hia Nao – Come here now?
Wai Yu Kum Nao – Why you come now?
No Pah King – NO PARKING!
Easy Lei – Easy Lay…
Lei Ying Lo – Laying low…
So Su Mi – SO SUE ME!
Wai Yu Mun Ching – Why you munching?
Yu Stin Ki Pu – You stinky POO!
Hoo Flung Dung – Who flung dung?
Hu Yu Hai Ding – Who you hiding?!
Tai Ni Poo Ni – Tiny puny?
Tai Ni Bei Bi – Tiny Baby
No Tsmo King – NO SMOKING!
No Bai Dam Ting – No buy, damn thing!
Wai Hang Mi – Why hang me?
Ai Bang Mai Ni – I bang my knee!
Chu Mi Goo – Chew my goo!

funny Chinese names

Funny Chinese Names

Bing Bong: 二哥

Tingle: 小红帽

Ning Nang: 你奶奶

Ten Ten: 天下 10 位

Porntip: ปรานต์ทิพ

Funny Asian Names

Kyoko 巨嘉

Lin 林

Porntip ปรานต์ทิพ

Coco 柚子

Wang Wang: 王八

Yoyo Tran: 潘婉玥

There you have it, a list of names that sound funny and ridiculous to English speakers.

funny Asian names

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