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How To Check Your Marital Status With Ease

check your marital status

The Department of Home Affairs has launched a new online marriage verification service as part of the Check Your Marital Status and Date Campaign. The service has been made available to assist in preventing and uncovering instances where South Africans have been unknowingly married to foreigners.

Check your marital status

Foreign spouses use marriage to get residence and work permits in South Africa. To date, the campaign to check your marital status had uncovered thousands of fraudulent marriages in South Africa.

The Department has promised to nullify resident permits, work permits and citizenship of people who have benefited from fraudulent marriages.

If you are a South African citizen, you can check your marital status for free by logging onto the Department of Home Affairs website and submitting your ID number.

You can also visit your local Home Affairs office to check your status or you can query the status via SMS.

Send an SMS to 32551 and the message of the SMS should be as follows:

·         For your ID book application status: type ID then the ID number (e.g. ID 5001010050080).

·         For your passport application status: type the letter P and then the ID number (e.g. P 5001010050080).

·         For your marital status: type the letter M and then the ID number (e.g. M 5001010050080).

·         For your ID status (deceased or alive): type the letter L and then the ID number (e.g. L 5001010050080).

You will receive the status directly to your cellphone via SMS.

Don’t be a victim, check your marital status in South Africa for Free today!

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