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How to Choose Your Perfect Shade Foundation

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Wearing the perfect shade of foundation is like wearing an invisible mask, but when many women wear foundation they look like they’ve over done it on the tanning bed or worse. So here are some tips on how you can pick your perfect shade.

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What’s your type?

The first step you should take before choosing a foundation is to pick out what type of skin you have, says experts Make up Forever.


If you have dry skin then you’ll want to go for a hydrating foundation in the form of a stick, liquid or hydrating powder. Hydrating powders deliver moisture to your skin and give you more coverage, while sticks and liquids have a blend of ingredients that deliver moisture to your skin.


If you have oily skin you’ll want a powder foundation or oil-free liquid. They absorb oil without clogging your pores, which leaves you with a smooth finish.


With combination skin you need to determine whether you’re more dry or oily and go from there. You’ll want a cream base or mineral foundation which works well on all skin types.


If you have normal skin then you’re one of the lucky ones as you have low maintenance skin and can wear just about any foundation. Look for sheer liquids or a tinted moisturizer that have enough pigment to even out your skin without being too visible.

Look for the Undertones

Your skin’s undertone can have more of an impact on how foundation looks on your skin than your skin tone. The undertone is the colour that shows just beneath your skin meaning that it is consistent and won’t change due to sun exposure or other skin conditions, says Jill Russell in Beautylish.


You’ll have a cool undertone if your skin has a pink or rosy tint, you burn easily in the sun and the veins on your inner wrist are blue or purple. Go for a foundation with a cocoa, natural or beige shade.


If you have a warm undertone your skin appears to have a golden or olive tint, you tan easily in the sun and the veins on your wrist appear green or olive. Look for a foundation that has a nude, golden, or chestnut shade as it will bring out your skins natural colour.


If you’re a neutral you don’t have an obvious tint of olive or pink and have an equal number of blue and green veins. This means that you can wear more than one shade of foundation, so be sure to experiment with different shades.

Choose your coverage

Coverage means how much of your natural skin you want to show through your foundation says Beauty Expert Julyne Derrick in About Style. These can be light, medium or heavy, for example, if you have normal skin but want to even out some areas consider a lighter coverage. But, if you have blemishes and have uneven skin tone then go for a medium coverage.

1, 2, 3…testing

You can test a shade by dipping a Q-tip into the foundation and then applying a stroke to the centre of your jawline by the side of your face. Apply at least three strokes of different shades and then look in natural light. If one looks as if it is invisible then you have found your perfect shade, says the magazine Cosmopolitan.

Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin is not always easy, so the next time you’re looking for the right shade why not use these tips to help you along the way.

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