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Coca-Cola Glazed Bacon Burgers

We’ve all heard of adding Coca-Cola to cake mixes and meat marinades. But it turns out South Africa’s most popular soda drink can be used for so much more. The sweet and subtle flavors of Coca-Cola have always complimented our food, and they also work well inside our favorite dishes.

From entrees to sides to desserts, there’s almost no dish that Coca-Cola can’t enhance, making for a delicious, unique, and memorable meal. Stay with us for the next few weeks, we’ll be posting recipes which prove things really do go better with Coca-Cola.
To start it off the most amazing Coca-Cola Glazed Bacon Burgers


1 ½ Cup packed brown sugar
1 Cup Coca-Cola
500g  bacon
8 burger patties
16 Slices of cheese (Your choice)
4 burger buns
Cayenne pepper, to taste


Prep Time: N/A
Cook Time: 1 hr
In a medium pot, simmer the brown sugar with the Coca-Cola and a pinch of cayenne pepper for approximately 30-45 minutes. Make sure to stir periodically. Simmer until the glaze begins to thicken and then reduce. After the glaze begins to simmer, lightly brush it onto each slice of raw bacon. Cook bacon as you would normally. For maximum flavor, continue to baste the bacon as if cooks. The glaze will thicken up. As the bacon cools, it will become candied-like in texture. Prepare the burgers as your dad likes, and add cheese and optional toppings. If you choose, lightly drizzle any additional Coca-Cola glaze on top.
About the Author
Amy Erickson is the voice behind Oh, Bite It. She creates fun and unique kitchen creations that are mostly all happy accidents. She is not a trained chef and doesn’t take food too seriously. She just finds it fun to keep things interesting in the kitchen.

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