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Connecting Cell Phones and Children

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Taking on the cyber world may feel intimidating to most of us, yet it is our responsibility, as parents to equip our children to be safe in the world. So how do we ensure their virtual well being? Here are some tips to begin talking about cell phones even before your children request one:

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We install free safety features on their mobile devices, and we talk to our children in the same way we would educate them about appropriate touching, being safe around strangers, and sex. Communicating openly about cell phones is essential in empowering our children to protect themselves, bearing in mind that despite our best efforts they can always have access to illicit material through their friends.

Research shows that parents who communicate honestly with their children, have youngsters who are closer and more connected to their parents. They feel respected, consult with their parents when making decisions, and are less likely to engage in high risk behaviour. Open communication is more than a list of rules the parents enforce, it is a two way dialogue of explanations, discussions and debates between the parent and the child. Click on “Next” below for some tips to help you.


 So here are those tips:

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