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You’ve read the recipe and it sounds divine but then you get to the list of ingredients and it all starts to sound Greek to you. Sound familiar? I was in the same boat a few years ago.  And messed up a few good meals because I used the wrong amount for the ingredients.

It’s quiet simple when you start to understand the measurements and volumes of certain things. All recipes might be the same but your kitchens sure aren’t. And when you are just starting to cook you might not have all the measuring tools that they ask for, so here are simple every day cooking conversions that will help make your cooking experience just that much easier. We have also added these conversions as images for your convenience to save on your computer or phone for later reference.


We have also included the US and UK measurements of volume so if you fancy using a recipe that comes from our friends across the ocean this will make it easy to understand and you won’t get lost in the maths. Because no one wants to deal with maths when their cooking right?


Inspiring Women cooking basics 3

I can promise you that most of the recipes you will find out on the internet will talk about °F for the temperatures you will need to set your oven on. A trick here is that the general rule is just divide the number in half and that will be your temperature you will need to set your oven in °C. But just in case we have a handy little picture to keep you on the right path to perfectly cooked food every time.

Inspiring Women cooking basics 4I hope that this will help take the confusion out of reading a recipe and you will have more confidence when measuring your ingredients out.

Have any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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