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Coping with a Downturn in Sales


Sales slumps are like bad weather; keep your head down and march on. Every business will at some stage experience a sales slump. Promising prospects turn out to be dead-ends, customers cancel orders, the economy slows down. At times, nothing seems to go right.

Here’s an easy five step process to shift yourself back into gear:

1. Don’t panic
The worst thing to do at this point is to panic and turn a sales decline into a permanent disaster. Statistically even the best businesses and the most gifted people have bad periods. Take a deep breath and relax – don’t let it get to you.

2. Give yourself some credit
Many women may sway under pressure, but you’re not one of them. Decide to do what it takes to improve the situation, which may take some courage. That separates you from the crowd.

3. Restructure the current situation
Rather than thinking of this decline as a disaster, think of it as a opportunity to sharpen your emotional resilience. If you work and sell and do the best you can with what you’ve got, you’re educating your brain to be successful even when business gets rough.

4. Re-think your sales tactics
Take an objective look at the way you’re marketing and selling. What has changed from when you were more successful? Has the market changed or how you are selling? Decide what you’ll need to ajust.

5. Work your sales process
It’s time to forget about the slump and focus on the method of selling. Make the calls. Do the follow-ups. Have some faith. Soon the slump will only be a bad memory.

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