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How to Create a Home for Your Child

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A home is a place where children create most of their childhood memories and make their first friends. This is difficult if you as a parent are often relocating to a different place over a short period.
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Home ownership is one of the privileges afforded to very few people. Most people either rent or live with their families therefore they do not have the advantage of truly settling down and making a home for their child.

Stability and consistency

Change can be hard on a lot of people but it is often the hardest on children. Moving to a new place means the child has to let go of all things that he is familiar with such as their home, their friends and in a way, leaving a piece of themselves at the old place.

The child then has to deal with the pressure of making new friends that will like him and share the same interests. They have to get used to a new home and new area.

Their sense of stability and consistent routine is then disturbed and this can cause a negative change in your child such as moodiness and tendencies to withdraw and keep to themselves.


Moving is sometimes necessary for some people who are searching for the right home or have to relocate their family to a new city for a job.

However, when you have a baby on the way and you have the finances to do so, try to buy a home that you can see yourself raising a child. It will be a place where they will be:

1. Happy and safe

2. Make life long memories

3. A home you can pass on to your child

4. A place they can be proud of

5. A place they will want to bring their families back to when they are older.


Buying a home is an investment on its own, renting is very expensive and the money spent on renting someone else’s place can be money paid to your own house bond.

These are some of the things parents should take into considerations when they are struggling with a decision to buy or rent. The pros in buying outweigh the cons tremendously.

A house does not have to be huge or anything, but if you have your own backyard for your child to play in and build swings or install a pool, then that is enough.

As a parent, you have to put your child’s needs before your own and always do what is best for them. With the uncertainty of renting (where circumstances can lead you to being evicted or forced to move out), home ownership is always the way to go.

A home is stability, safety and a space where your child fells free, protected and loved.

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