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Daily Habits to Improve Your Efficiency

The most successful business owners, executives and entrepreneurs have gotten to where they are through grit and hard work. They also know the value of routine and discipline. They consistently take advantage of the early morning to focus on themselves and the day ahead. Implementing the following 7 habits into your day, every day, will make remarkable improvements in your productivity, physical and emotional well-being and overall performance.

1. Gratitude

First thing in the morning, nothing is more important than taking a few minutes to reflect and be grateful. Mindset is the most powerful tool we have in our arsenal as leaders. The ideal gratitude exercise is to write down your list of current gratitude statements and future statements. The more specific these statements can be, the better the activity. Practice this activity with full commitment, and over time you’ll be amazed at the results and clarity of mind.

2. Visualization

The activity of visualizing both the day, and the bigger picture of where you want your life to be, is key to achieving your goals. You need to be able to clearly see everything that is going to happen each day; each meeting, each conversation, and every interaction. This will strengthen your mind and sharpen your ability to handle any situation that transpires. Longer-term visualization is important for helping you plan your strategy, keeping you present and helping to reduce surprises


3. Exercise

We must take care of our own health if we’re going to be able to run our business and our lives to our fullest potential. It is generally easier to exercise in the morning before the day gets away from you. The quicker this becomes routine, the more you’ll crave the way the exercise makes you feel.

4. Planning & Delegation

Take the time each morning to make your plan for the day. Create a to-do list of what must get done, and when you’re going to do it. Load the day up so that you accomplish the bulk of the tasks in the morning and free your afternoon for unexpected activities, the opportunity to be strategic, and other forward-looking options. Now allow yourself to identify what you’ll delegate to others. This is a critical moment when you are giving a huge gift of development and empowerment to your teams. Not only are you freeing yourself up of time, you’re building a rewarding culture in your workplace that will pay you back dividends.


5. Eat

Mom was right, breakfast is an important meal. Eat something that is high in protein, low in sugar and carbohydrates.

6. Invest in yourself

Whether it is before you leave your home, or during your commute, take 20 minutes each day to learn something new. This can be reading part of a book, magazine, listening to an audio/cd, watch a TED talk, whatever. Topics should stretch you and challenge your current way of thinking.

7. One big thing

Right away accomplish one major task each morning. That feeling of accomplishment will give you energy to propel you through the morning, which is great since you loaded the first-half of your day up; and it will inspire your team to achieve something right off the bat, too. This creates forward momentum within the group for dynamic success.

You have unlimited potential to achieve everything you have ever wanted. Jake is here to help you achieve your highest potential, to be the best version of yourself and to live your best life. Email Jake: jake@inspiringcoach.co.za

Jake is a wonderful career and buisness coach who regularly contributes to InspiringWomen. To read more of his blogs visit Inspiringcoach.co.za

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