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Things You Should Never Post On a Dating Site

Things youshould never post on a dating site

Online dating has become a lot more popular and has produced many successful relationships. If you have been considering online dating, but are not sure what to add in your online profile or what content to post, we have 6 tips on what never to post on a dating site.

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1. Talking all about yourself

Try to tone down on the narcissistic talk. Online dating sites require you to put yourself out there, but doing it in a way that does not make you appear self-absorbed. Do not make demands of what you want in a partner and do not talk about yourself in a vain manner. You want to come across as approachable to potential suitors, not unwelcoming.

2. Whining

Posts about your past relationships and those experiences can be a turn-off. Don’t complain about how dire your dating situation is and how you don’t have much confidence in yourself. Having a positive profile and making light-hearted posts on a dating site is sure way to get people looking and taking an interest in you!

3. Lie

This is pretty obvious, but should be noted none the less. When you are setting up your profile on a dating site, be as honest as possible. Do not put things that are not true about yourself in an effort to appear potentially more attractive to others. Also, put pictures of yourself that are flattering. Don’t over Photoshop yourself to the point where you don’t even look like yourself. This will only lead to disappointment and disillusionment if or when you get to meet someone you are interested in.

4. Too Much Information

Never put too much information, ever! Remember, strangers will view your profile, so there is no need to list very personal details about yourself. Be cautious that you are not unknowingly giving information such as your contact details, where you live or work in the details you post on your profile.

5. Vagueness

Making vague posts on dating site sites is something you should try to avoid. Dating sites require you to give enough information about yourself to be viewed as interesting enough for potential suitors. Don’t put clichés such as “I love a good time” or “I’m fun-loving” as these have become somewhat meaningless and don’t show your true personality. Try to put information that shows the best you have to offer and details that make you a great individual.

6. Your List Of Requirements For A Perfect Partner

The last thing you should never post on a dating site  is a list of what you think a perfect partner will be. Yes, you can state what kind of person interests you, but listing what rules, qualities, and expectations you feel you deserve can be off putting to anyone viewing your profile.

What you should note is that the same manners you would have in regular dating should apply to dating sites as well. Dating is challenging and can be difficult to navigate, but if you do choose to try this new form of dating, try using these tips on what you should never post and see if you get lucky in finding a new date! Good luck.

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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