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David Letterman Says Final Good Night


David Letterman has said his last good night on his TV show. The 68 year old has officially retired from the Tonight Show, bringing the end to a late night show era.

The Tonight Show

David Letterman has been overwhelmed by the celebration and praise he has received as he retires. Letterman has been on TV for over 30 years, which aired over 6000 shows. Letterman has become a favourite host to an array of celebrities, who helped deliver the Top 10 list (titled ‘Things I’ve always wanted to say to Dave’) during his final show, which he has become famous for. Letterman’s sarcasm and TV show entertainment has catapulted late night TV and many celebrities to where they are now.


The Final Show

David Letterman has thanked everyone for watching his show over the years. This includes recordings from 5 Presidents, including Mr Barac Obama, who stated : “Our long national nightmare is over” comically.

The Foo Fighters performed, who are a favourite band of Letterman. Tributes were paid to the TV host, who is the longest running host in American late night TV. Letterman, being true to his style of sarcasm, responded to the tributes he received by asking people to save a little for his funeral.

Bill Murray was a guest on the final show and fittingly so, as he had also been the first guest several years ago. Murray emerged from a cake and the pair were both smeared in icing.


The Future

It has been announced that Stephen Colbert will be replacing Letterman. Colbert is a political satirist who currently has a show (The ‘Colbert Report) on Comedy Central. Letterman is said to be excited by this and wishes him and the team great success.

A final “thank you and good night” has been said as David Letterman retires from Late Night TV. This brings the end of an era as tributes for the comedic and renowned host continue to pour in.

Written by Shannon Correia

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