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How to Deal Effectively With Fear

How to Deal Effectively With Fear

Fear can be more challenging for some of us more than others. However, fear is a fact of all of our lives. Here are 3 ways to effectively deal with fear:

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Face It

As clichéd as this may be, it is the surest way to effectively deal with fear. This is basically how fear works: We imagine something disturbing and it seems like a big deal so, we run away and hide. But when we actually examine whatever it is that we are afraid of, it loses its fear factor. And often, when you truly see it for what it really is, you will be left wondering why you made such a fuss.

Give Yourself a Break

Fear is a part of human existence. Everyone is fighting a battle or hiding from it. Do not make yourself feel defeated by your fears. Be kind to yourself. Imagine if you witnessed a loved one going through something especially challenging: Would you tell them how worthless they are or would you be as kind and helpful as you can be to them? So do that for yourself – you deserve kindness just as much as anybody else. If you turn against yourself you feed the fear making it seem much worse than before.

Let go of the past

Sometimes fear is based on our past experiences. We tell ourselves: it happened before, so it will happen again. This is true in some cases. The sun will rise and set tomorrow as it did yesterday. But you are not the sun you are a human being and therefore, subject to change in circumstances and time. Whatever happens to you today will not exactly happen again.

When whatever you fear rears its head you might react worse than before based on your grip on that fear or better if you have let it go. You may be petrified and stressed that your boss will turn down your request for an increase because he did it the last time. If you hold onto this fear you will probably never ask for a raise again. However, if you attribute it to bad timing you will let this fear go, and ask another day. Holding onto fear has a way of holding us back from better opportunities and growth.

We should remember that we are all challenged by some kind of fear. What is important is that we learn to deal with it as effectively as we can.

Written by Noma Mtebele

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