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How Does One Define Good Taste?

good taste

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a deep sense of extraordinary beauty, peace and balance? The kind of space in which you simply want to linger longer? Have you ever seen a woman so exquisitely beautiful yet lacking the generic qualities of physical beauty? Look closer and observe…

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Well designed

When a woman is well dressed you see her, not the clothes. When a room is well designed, you notice the people, not the stuff. What then is the tipping point between subtle and effective versus loud and garish? How does one obtain balance and beauty versus imbalance and confusion?

Creative expression

Since the beginning of time, women have experimented with all manner of embellishment, costume, theatre and creative expression. Whether you dress to express your creativity, yearn for attention, camouflage your insecurities, strive for comfort or simply choose to blend in, it all boils down to good taste versus bad taste.

One idea

Whether I create buildings and rooms from scratch or called in to fix a disaster, dress myself or design for another, I always fall back on my mantra: work with one idea, maximum two. Too many ideas and too many diversions create a sense of restlessness and confusion. Less is more and more is unnecessary. Wear your clothes and never let them not wear you. Express your beauty from within and allow that which you choose to put on your body to enhance you, not compete with you. You are the focal point, so let it be just that!

Let your shoes be extensions of your legs and not mere objects you drag yourself around in. Don’t try to hard and remember, when a woman is well dressed you see her, not the clothes.

Stef Albert

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