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DIY: How to Paint Patterns on Rugs

Today we are happy to bring you a great DIY Project by Will from Bright Bazaar. Sometimes you can have a vision in your head for the perfect rug to finish a room but you just can’t find the right one. Or you want something different and unique in your house. Follow this quick and easy guide to spruce up your floors with some hand painted rugs.

I’m shining my colorful spotlight on rugs, leading you through the all the steps you need to follow in order to transform an everyday plain flatweave rug into a stylish statement piece for any room. Seriously, the transformation of these rugs is kinda incredible: you end up with a bespoke patterned rug for just a fraction of the price you’d need to pay for one from a store! The best part is that you get to completely customize the final look of your rug to match both the color and pattern needs of the room. Click through after the jump to see four different ways you can upgrade your rugs by painting them!

DIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-2WHAT YOU NEED
– Latex EasyCare paint
– Painters’ tape
– Paint roller
– Paint tray
– Circular cookie cutter
– Tape measure
– Paint brush
– RugDIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-3STEP-BY-STEP

Step one: Measure out your pattern to fit the scale of the rug you wish to paint: For a random geometric shape, you can follow the pictures above for inspiration; For the split line design, I used to the width of the painters’ tape to determine the depth of each stripe; For the circular repeat pattern I used the tape measure to equally space the circles before painting; For the crosses repeat pattern design (seen on the large rug) use the tape measure to mark out equally spaced crosses in a 3-by-2-by-3-by-2 (and so on) formation.

Step two: Use painters tape to either mark out the areas you don’t wish to paint on the rugs.

Step three: Get painting! Use a roller for all of the designs apart from the circles, where it works better to use a brush. When using the brush vs. the roller, be sure to dab the paint as this gives a better and cleaner finish. Also, don’t overload the roller as you don’t want to end up with clumps of paint, or encourage any bleeding under the tape.

Step four: As soon as you have finished painting, pull back the painters’ tape before the paint is dry so that you minimize the risk of peeling the paint.DIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-4In four quick and easy steps you end up with completely new-look rugs – don’t they look fantastic? I love how they came out! They work great as a trio or as standalone designs – either way, they are the perfect addition of color and pattern for a room.DIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-5For a casual vibe, try overlaying a series of painted rugs (as seen above). My top tip is that is if you are painting a number of rugs in different patterns, opt for coordinating colors or shades from the same color family in order to achieve a stylish and cohesive final look.DIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-6I can’t decide which one is my favorite design? I go back and forth all the time! I always love a stripe design because they are so timeless but the geometric shapes are so striking and graphic that my eye is drawn to that rug, too. Which one do you like best?DIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-7I also painted a larger scale rug, this time in a crossed design to give a cool Scandi feel. I love how painting this large beige rug transformed the rug into a colorful and stylish centerpiece for this living room, anchoring the leather and wood pieces together.DIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-8DIY-Painted-Patterned-Rugs-Project-How-To-9Photography and Post by Will Taylor

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