Dr Anita Jordaan

Effective decision making is a subject that should be included in higher education systems globally as this is a skill required in all spheres of business – and life. We are taught everything about business EXCEPT how to make a decision.

Says Dr Anita Jordaan, specialist in finding solutions for business, government and individuals experiencing turbulence – which usually leads to failure and in turn loss of credibility: “The biggest reason for business and government failure is reactionary decision making based on a defensive mindset.”

Anita’s core message is that reality is not always real: we see what we choose to see, whereby the brain will create an environment in support of our individual ‘truth’ or perception, what we expect and believe, will happen.

Therefore, it is NOT the current economic crisis, unions, government or the colour of our skin that determines where the individual or business finds itself. One THINKS oneself into a position and then makes decisions accordingly, thus feeding (often) the false ‘reality.’

As the  Founding Director of the Institute for Decision Making, where the focus is the application of research from fields such as neuroscience,  behavioural economics, psychology, quantum physics, epistemology and organisational change management, Anita is a specialist in assisting and guiding organisations, governments, community-based groups as well as individuals in making qualified decisions that will lead to quality results, optimisation of opportunities,  and complete resolve of challenges, and success.

Says Anita: “The business world is populated with expert insiders, schooled in narrow disciplines (accountants, lawyers, engineers and so forth), whereby every discipline and MBA student has studied the same textbooks for decades.” This, she states, makes the world of fact seem settled – or ‘comforting,’ “because we have all the numbers and the lawyers had a look at it.”

Then why do so many businesses, organisation, governments and individuals fail, when they seemingly have all the facts and information on board? “The biggest reason for failure is bad, ineffective decisions, “ she states. “A better quality decision upfront guarantees a better outcome – without fail.”

“Every challenging situation a business or individual finds themselves in, they can track back to an ineffective decision taken.  So if they had all the facts, why did they make, in hindsight, a ‘bad’ decision?”

“By obtaining help from an experienced and academically proficient consultant who not only understands executive corporate decision making, but also understands how individuals, business leaders and politicians construct their own worlds, then making decisions accordingly. Business and individuals are steered towards seeing the REAL big picture without the ego and emotions, which is the first step towards making better decisions,” says Anita.

Companies that have benefited from Anita’s expertise include:  Anglo American Plc, South African Government, Botswana Government, Dimension Data Ltd & Plc, IBM SA, Datatec, T-Systems International, First National Bank, Mosgas, Sun Microsystems EMEA  and Old Mutual, to mention but a few.

What, pray, is the reason for so many governments, institutions, businesses and individuals failing when they have seemingly enough experts, knowledge and the right ‘product’ on board?

“By focusing on what the world around us portrays as REALITY, for example the global financial crisis, suddenly the markets start to behave according to what the news on e.g. CNN predicts or ‘fears’, and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, with all the business leaders reacting with inappropriate decisions. What science has now proved is that reality is what we make it to be,” she explains.

“Reality is not REAL. We see what we want to believe, what supports our frame of reference, and therefore make emotional decisions based on fear and/or greed of that reality.”

We have not even touched on the academics and application of quantum physics and neuroscience in business and our daily lives; but some other like-minded academics created awareness with people on an international level through the Nobel prize winning work done on the emotional decision making driving financial markets.

Anita’s academic background reads like an intellectual wannabe’s dream: PhD (AIH USA) – development of a model for the identification of the core mechanisms and key success factors for the successful implementation of a corporate turn-around strategy; DBA (Walden University USA) –  specialising in executive decision making; MBA (Wits Business School) – Majoring in Operational Management and Strategy; BA Business Communications (University of the OFS) – majoring in Business Communication, Marketing and Psychology.

Dr Anita Jordaan is proudly South African, who, in the positions of Board Director, Executive Manager and Principle/Lead Consultant specialises in organisational and leadership optimisation.

Anita, we salute you!

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