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8 Tips to Drive Safely in the Rain

drive safely in the rain

As summer approaches and we expect months of rainy weather, driving safely in rainy conditions is good to practice not just for you, but for other road users too.    Whether you may be an experienced driver or a beginner, driving in the rain will put your driving competencies to the ultimate test. Here are  8 tips to drive safely in the rain:

Your perception of vehicle distance, the road and road signs are drastically reduced and your tyres get slippery, so you need to make sure that you are hyper aware of everything when you are driving.

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 We’ve put together a list of basic guidelines you should follow when driving in inclement weather:

  • Turn on your lights and headlight (when necessary), as well as your windscreen wipers. This will help improve visibility to other drivers on the road.
  • Keep your windows clear by putting on the front and rear defoggers. If you do not have or they don’t work, keep an old dry cloth to wipe your windows once you get a chance to slow down completely.
  • Be sure to distance yourself from the car ahead of you by doubling the space you would leave between cars.
  • If you have cruise control in your, be sure not to use it as you may not have complete control of the vehicle.
  • Never brake suddenly as this may cause your car to slip or aquaplane.
  • Look out for oil slicks on the road. If you hit one, do not panic, just keep your hands on the steering wheel, and try to keep the car steady.
  • Be extra cautious when changing lanes. As visibility will be low, you need to make sure you take extra looks in your blind spot and review mirror
  • Give yourself enough traveling time because you will be driving slower and traffic increases in rainy weather. If you have an appointment, be sure inform whomever you are to meet that you may be late.

Follow these guidelines and you should be safe in bad weather!

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