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Easy Business Plan Template for Entrepreneurs

You don’t need a 100 page business plan to attract investors. Nowadays, plans have shrunk down and are much easier to write. So here are a couple of templates to help you get your business started. So in this fast paced world Business Plans need to be short and sweet and here is a tailor-made Business Plan template to get you started.


1. One Page Plan

This one page Business plan is a fast and easy way to write up a business plan. Just by using short phrases and keywords you can create a plan for your company, project, department or program on only one page.

It covers key areas that you’d need to start a business, such as your vision, mission, objectives, strategies and action plans. It basically focuses on what is critical and important for you business’s success.

Here is the link to the template

2. 4-question plan

Getting confused by the 50 page examples that require you to account for every cent of your business? You don’t need spread sheets, financial projections and charts to get your initial business idea off the ground.

What you need is an internal working plan for your business. And for that all you need to do is answer these 4 questions

3. Visual Plan

Are you more of a visual person? Then Angela Bowman’s visual business plan template is for you. Instead of tediously writing out your plan you can use a business model canvas. Basically, you use sticky notes to craft your business plan. You start out by drawing out 9 different columns on one page, such as customer relations and channels.

Then write your ideas about each section on a sticky note and then stick it in that section. If your plan keeps changing you can then easily remove the notes. To have an idea of how it works you can click here   

4. Copyblogger’s simply business plan

When starting a small business the last thing that you’re going to be concerned about is office space, business license and lines of credit. Which is why, Sonia Simone co-founder of Copyblogger came up with the remarkably simple business plan template fit for a real world entrepreneur.

It focuses more on how to find customers, how your business will make money and what your service and product will be. So why not visit this website to get on your way to achieving your business goals?

5. Under one hour plan

Caroline Cummings technological entrepreneur and a writer for Etsy came up with a business plan that you can do under one hour. Cummings frames the process in a fun and creative manner so that you don’t have to struggle through it. Basically you get 10 questions which you have to write with less than 140 characters, as if you were on twitter.

Then you lay it out your answers on one page in sections. Here is the website so that you have a look at the structure and to get cracking:

Writing up a business plan doesn’t have to be a tedious process, by choosing any one of these templates you can get your business plan sorted and ready for take-off in an easy and creative way.

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