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5 Easy Easter Breakfast Recipes

easter breakfast

Easter is equal to long, lazy breakfasts with family and friends. When the breakfast is long, the cooking should be quick, so we have whipped up 5 easy Easter recipes to add an extra twist to your eggs.

1. Soft-boiled Eggs with Toast Soldiers

This breakfast is made in about 5 minutes and works well on a busy Easter morning. Its combination of crunchy toast dipped in a perfectly soft-boiled egg will be an instant favourite.

You need:
• Eggs
• Bread

1. Make sure that your eggs are room temperature
2. Put the eggs in a casserole of cold water. Slowly heat the water up to medium, until the water is boiling softly. Stir the water so that the eggs are turning clockwise – this is to prevent the plum from sliding out from the centre of the egg.
3. Toast the bread until it is golden on both side and slice it up in five pieces.
4. Boil the eggs for 4 minutes. If you want the egg white to be completely boiled but the plum to still be soft, you should boil them for 5 minutes. Serve immediately.


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