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Embrace your Uniqueness as a Woman – Know thyself

During the month of August we pay tribute to the amazing world of women, we celebrate the uniqueness of each other and we strive to uplift and empower where we see potential. One should however not reserve this opportunity for one month a year, no; we should embrace each other continuously so that each woman’s star always shines brightly.

Whilst she shines from the inside out, it is also important to shine from the outside in, hence the saying “how you look is how you feel”.

A women’s body is like her personality, unique and no two are the same. Similar to our personalities, there are good traits and areas for improvement. By improvement we don’t mean excessive dieting, exercising or worst case scenario – the scalpel – no, there is a much easier way.

Look great and express confidence by learning more about your body
By “great” we don’t mean looking like a super model. No, you merely have to look the very best you can for your size, body type and build. Equip yourself with the knowledge on how to hide your figure concerns and accentuate your assets.
How do you do that? Herewith the four steps:


1.    Figure Analysis
Body type – there is no such thing as “one shape works for all”. Media may refer to figure analysis systems that classifies you as a pear-shaped, an hourglass, round and so on.

Take two women with a pear shape to their figure. They are both identical in height but the one woman is flat-chested and the other woman has a very full bust. Can they wear the same styles, No, they are very different from one another even if they are both pear-shaped!

It makes more sense to analyze each area of your figure starting by the shape of your face, neck (i.e. long, short or perfectly balanced), all the down to your calves and ankles (i.e. thin, full or good). Pinpointing your “erroneous” zones will help to solve the problems they present. On the other hand, this process will also identify your assets, which can be highlighted and you may be pleasantly surprised of how many assets you have!

2.    Lenghts and Proportions
Correct lengths and proportions are vital in achieving the correct image. The main objective is to create balance and proportion from head to toe and you therefore need to determine your ideal jacket lengths, sleeve lengths, skirt lengths and pant lengths based on the outcome of your individual figure analysis.

For example: A medium length jacket – this length should never end at the widest part of your hips, unless you have good hips. This length should end 4 cm past the widest part of your hips and you should only wear this style if your hips and your bottom allow you to.

3.    Style Solutions
This is what we call the “don’ts” and the “do’s” when choosing a style and it is refreshing to know that there are solutions to each of your figure concerns, making them magically disappear!

Figure concern: Small Bust – the aim is therefore to make the bust look fuller:
DON’T wear a shapeless style, DO wear shaped styles
DON’T choose styles with a flat front, DO choose a draped or ruffled front
DON’T wear unpadded bras, DO opt for a built in padded or wonderbra

4.    The art of accessorizing
Accessories are the finishing touches that personalize an outfit, update a wardrobe or take a simple but versatile dress from day to evening. Use more accessories when wearing a plain outfit and less when wearing a busy style. Invest in quality, not necessarily in quantity. Begin with the basic bags, such as black leather and remember that a bag should never be wider than your body’s width viewed from the side. The wider the bag, the wider the body will look. Add on the basic shoes, belts and scarves and build towards a perfect collection by adding the key fashion items of the season.

Make a life-long investment in yourself
Invest in your image by consulting a certified image consultant. Kindly enquire as to the nature of the figure analysis system they use upfront to ensure that you receive personalized style solutions bases on your INDIVIDUAL body proportions.

The key to always looking your best lies in knowledge and knowledge creates confidence. You will agree that nothing wears sexier than a confident woman.

For more information, to book a personal consultation, or purchase Change Your Image Change Your Life makeover guide containing comprehensive figure analysis steps and style solutions for R350, contact Willene Swart, Certified Chata Romano Image Consultant on 082 4511 959 or willeneswart@ymail.com website www.chataromano.com

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