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Essential Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag

Essential Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Bag

You can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her bag. Here is a practical guide to the items every woman should have in her bag for all emergencies you may encounter out there. These essential items can save the day if things go wrong.

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Clean up

We all have to clean up at certain times of the day, so why not keep everything you need case of a spill, sneeze, smudge etc. in a clear little bag? You can include: Tissues, wet wipes, floss, hand sanitizer, breath mints or gum. If you love a tuna mayo sarmie for lunch, breath mints are essential! Imagine running into that cute guy in finance on the steps and he wants to chat . . .

Make up

What works well is a cute little bag that matches your handbag with your make up essentials – concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara and lip colour. All together for the together businesswoman.

Shut up

Another little bag! This time a black little bag with the unmentionables – for everything you won’t admit to doing, having or needing: tampons, pads, condoms, a trusty old hangover cure and maybe even an extra pair of panties. Can you imagine anything worse than needing a tampon (or a pad) and not having one?! Carry one at all times, both for your sake and maybe for a friend in need. She will love you forever!

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