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10 Ways You Can Experience Life Fully


Why are we here? Is it not to experience life fully?  The present moment, the here and now is really all we have to experience everything and you are responsible to yourself to seize it fully – this means not to waste a single moment.

It means giving your all and being the best you can be. It means to free yourself from what you are not and to set free that what you really are.

1. Stop waiting. Start living

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” – Braveheart

Women seem to always be getting ready to live instead of just living  There is always this to do or that to achieve. You always feel there is something lacking: money, help, courage, self-esteem. This is only procrastination . . . there is no need for more preparation for life. Procrastination is really the fear to start now, to start living!

This is the life we are here to live . . .  this really is it!  We must realize that the time to live fully is now. Not tomorrow when we have more time, not next month when I have more money.

It takes courage to say completely “yes” to life. It is like letting go of the known, loosening the brakes and getting out there to experience what life is offering now (and to have fun doing it).

2. Make the time

You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.” ~Charles Buxton

Usually if you have an intention to do something tomorrow, something inevitably will happen and you just have no time again. You have to make room actively for what is important. The  moment when you have enough time never comes, you have to make it.

How can you do this?  When you plan your week, always put the most important things on top – first things first. Every day should have one major goal that must get the time it needs. In this way you personally make time for the top priorities. The most important thing gets the most time first. And it doesn’t matter what it is: something private or something in your professional life.

3. Say “Yes” to what is important (and “No” to what is not)

If you put first things first we will have a confirmation what is important to you, and you will spend your time there in the first place. Focus on the important and remove the noise of what is not important. A strong “Yes” to what matters to you equals a “No” to all the clutter that may be urgent for others (but not for you). You can and must say no to everything that is not important to you – this is a valuable lesson to learn. It makes room for what is important to you.


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