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5 Simple Steps to Make Your Eyes Steal the Show

Simple Steps to Make Your Eyes Steal the Show

Your eyes are beautiful and they deserve a chance to dazzle everyone. Unfortunately, our best attempts at putting them in the spotlight will sometimes result in the opposite. Avoid doing your eyes injustice by following these 5 simple steps to make your eyes steal the show.

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1. Invest in a good primer

If your eyelids tend to grease up, it is essential to fight it with a good primer. It will absorb excess oil, thereby making sure your makeup doesn’t slide out or grease up. It is also the base of your eye make-up. Apply it after any eye cream you might use and before any eye makeup comes on. This is important for ensuring a good result through the evening. Remember that you get different types of primers; pick the one that is made for eye makeup so that you know it is safe for your eyes. You want your eye makeup to steal the show – not makeup that steals your eyes.




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