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8 Fashion Trends That Have Withstood the Test of Time


Keeping up with the fashion fads of the moment can be terribly exciting, but it can also devastate your wallet. What is more, you’ll be left with mountains of clothes that are just too “last summer” to wear. To stretch your budget (and your cupboard space), invest in a few pieces that are mature in their style, and you’ll end up with a collection that you can keep wearing as long as they’ll last.

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1. Pumps

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As simple as they are, a simple pair of ballet pumps are about as classic as shoes can get. They have been worn for decades – especially since the seventies – and are very comfortable. Wear your pumps with formal or casual ensembles, and go for a pair with rounded tips, as pointed tips go in and out of style quickly.

2. Cigarette Pants

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The perfect middle ground between form-fitting and formal, cigarette pants have been popular since the fifties. The mid-calf length is incredibly flattering, as they show off your beautiful ankles and shoes. These tried and tested bottoms can be worn in a variety of prints and materials, but if you want yours to stay in style, choose a pair that is monochromatic and plain, as these are the classic designs.

3. Accent Accessorizing

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Use bright scarves, jewellery or hairpieces to create a pop of colour in a classic monochromatic ensemble.

4. Court Shoes

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Perfect for work or play, court shoes give you the added posture and height of heels, but without the sore feet. This classic style usually comes with a rounded tip, and with blocked heels anyone can remain comfortable in them.

 5. A-line Skirts

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A big comfort in any woman’s life, as they hide a part of the body that many women just don’t want to think about sometimes: the hips and thighs. High-waisted varieties also cover the stomach and are a great refuge on days when you need a boost to feel beautiful.

 6. The Little Black Dress

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Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, an office mixer or you’re meeting your partner’s parents, the little black dress is still the infallible all-rounder. Classic and always flattering, a good little black dress will make you feel confident even on a bad hair day.

7. Chanel-length dresses

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Related to the little black dress is the mid-calf dress, as the original little black dress designed by Chanel in 1926 was mid-calf in length. Whereas maxis and minis come in and out of fashion, this length remains a constant topic as it is reliably flattering. Like cigarette pants, it draws the eye to the most petite part of the female form – the ankles.

8. Oversized Formal Shirts

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Especially in gingham prints, these shirts are versatile and never go out of style. They can be belted with jeans, cover your leggings or even be worn as dresses – depending on whether you’re going for grunge, work formal or boyfriend couture.

With these eight classic pieces, you can be in style without being too basic or boring. Classic style will always stay in fashion, because they are fundamentally designed with your body’s comfort in mind, and are too flattering to be ignored.

Written by Lizzy Steenkamp

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