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How to Feel Younger

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It is a myth that the older we get, the harder it is to have lots of energy.  Energy is what keeps your body young.  Without sufficient energy, you will feel older than you have to.  Your body will feel weak and tired.  But you don’t have to feel that way any more.

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The adrenal glands

All you have to do is fix the adrenal glands.  The adrenal glands could be considered the emergency backup system for low energy or stressful situations.  Energy is made mostly in the liver and muscle.  This energy is produced by a series of chemical reactions that combine food and specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oxygen.  As long as the body has an abundance of these nutrients then you will be loaded with energy and feel like you are 16 again.  However, most people’s bodies are deficient in these nutrients so they are not able to produce the amount of energy they need.

That is where the adrenals come in.  Any time your body is energy deprived a stress reaction occurs which sets your adrenals into action.  Once activated, your adrenals turn on an alternate route to energy production, and this route gives you the boost you need.  It is perfectly natural and healthy to have this route available to you.  However, every time your body is required to use the adrenal stress route it is very costly.


Vitamin deficiencies

This route uses up large amounts of nutrients and if you regularly rely on the adrenals to pick you up, you will be left with huge deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  After years of this constant depletion, your body becomes so nutrient poor that not even your adrenals can pick up the slack any more.  That is called adrenal exhaustion, and when your body reaches this state, energy is hard to come by.

The adrenal glands have other functions beyond metabolism.  One of these is the production of normal steroids that the body uses for sexual function, normal skin production and to fight inflammation or swelling.


When metabolism is not working correctly, the adrenals are constantly fighting the battle of low energy.  This constant struggle overwhelms the adrenals and they end up not carrying out their other functions.  Therefore, instead of fighting inflammation they are busy boosting energy.  Because of this, swelling and inflammation can build up in the joints, neck and back.  This is called Arthritis.

Additionally the skin becomes dry and old looking, and the body becomes swollen because it holds excess water.  This leads to unexplained excess weight and an old looking skin tone and texture. Further, if the adrenals are too busy fighting the low energy battle, steroid production can be affected negatively.  Low steroid levels mean low sex drive, even impotence.  High levels of steroids mean normal sex drive and normal function.

Super metabolism

So, you can see how important it is to have a super-metabolism.  It not only affects your energy levels, but also influences your adrenals and your steroid production.  The key is to maximize your regular metabolism route so the adrenals can spend their time on their other important duties.

If you want to be bursting with energy and feel like a kid again, the answer is simple.  All you need are healthy adrenal glands, along with a super-metabolism.  Both of these are easily brought about by concentrating on replenishing your body with the exact nutrients that are needed for your regular metabolism route, and also for your alternate / adrenal route. Once this is accomplished, you will feel the best you have in years.

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