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Do You Have a Financial Plan?

So often our first planning starts as little girls – the first plan we consciously make from about 6 or 7 already! Can you remember your first future plan? I can just see how everyone is trying to remember – let me refresh your memory a bit. It had to do with a big dress, a perfect man, a hall filled with all your favorite people. That’s right, your wedding. We plan our wedding and it always includes a perfect man who will sweep us off our feet and make all our dreams come true!

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A man is not a Plan!

At the end of the day, he will end, whether due to a divorce or death. This is the reason you always have to keep your skill and knowledge to stand on your own. Keep in mind that statistically women live longer than men.

Let us look at a few pointers for you to remember:

Discuss your finances.

Money is one of the biggest contributors to arguments in a marriage or relationship for that matter. Find a way – from the beginning – to discuss your different ideas of how to work with money.

Share the responsibility of your portfolio.

Who pays what bills? Both work towards investments for your children’s education and old age.

Have a budget. Have 3, if you want. One for you, one for your partner and then combine one for the ‘family’ This way you both keep control of your own finances whilst staying in touch with the family money.

Be financially fit.

Don’t stop understanding the basics. Sit together when working with your portfolio so you both know where to go and what you are doing. Managing your money wisely keeps the control in your hands instead of giving it over to strangers.

Review your current and future financial priorities. If you both know what the other one wants, you will both work towards the same goals financially.

Your partner is just that – a PARTNER. Be a partner and share the knowledge, dreams and responsibilities. Make each other stronger, don’t allow yourself to become a ‘financial fool’. Be your own Financial Guru!


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