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Finding Your Life Purpose

It is common to wonder why you are on earth and what the point of it all is. Finding your life’s purpose is easy for a few women, but very hard for others. For those that have not found out their purpose yet, or wondering whether you do have a purpose, here is a guide on what to do:

1.) Write the first thing that comes to mind that you fear to do.
2.) Now list what you wanted as a career at first.
3.) Write what you want to do to change the world or how you can make a difference.
4.) Last, write a list of titles (professions, vocations, jobs) that sum all this up.

Now write down your purpose.
This simple process can change your life. It does not really take long to do, but if you do it honestly – it can help you on the course to happiness.
The great thing about it is nobody can change your life if you are unhappy, you must do it alone, but you have the power in you already to do it.

Stop giving that power away to unimportant, unnecessary factors and or people in your life! When giving your power to debt and hoping to pay it off, your debt will only grow. Don’t give your power away to vanity. You will only be eaten up by wanting the next best thing in life.

It is so sad to think about all of the people who are living at a lowered state of fulfillment and growth. Link into your given purpose. Once you begin seeking that which is already in you everything else will follow. This includes money, security, happiness, and success.

You don’t need to chase success. You will not be exempt from hard times or from struggling. A certain amount of pruning is necessary for growth.
Life is not about who has the most money, or is employed at the most prestigious company. It is about fulfilling your unique and realistic purpose as a woman.

The official definition of purpose:
1.) The reason for which something exists or is done, made, used.
2.) An intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.

If man can create the word to explain such a concept, how hard is it to believe that you are created with the sole idea of it in mind?

Fear is the next thing that will try to take root in your mind once you discover what you are called, created and made to do. Now you will have to be strong and pursue that purpose!

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