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As women we just assume we will be here for our kids until they’re all grown-up,  but what if you’re not? Have you ensured that what you want them to have is protected and will be theirs after all?

How many of you have your children as beneficiaries on your policies? Are they under aged? If so, do you realise that they might not actually get the money as it might end up in the Guardian’s fund or in the hands of the legal guardian of your children.

Setting up your estate is most important, not for you, but for those that you leave behind! There are many ways to protect your children when you are here with them, but have you thought and sorted out the ways of protecting them when you are not here to oversee it? Does your will make provision for their wellbeing? Have you set up a testamentary trust – this is a trust that only ‘jumps into existence’ at the time of your death – or have you got a family trust set up? This is a trust that is up and running and being managed whilst you are alive.

Have you considered what education they will receive if you are not there to contribute towards it? There are many products in the market ensuring the children’s education is taken care of – even in a private school or university – in the event of your death or inability to earn an income. What if your husband or ex-husband can no longer provide for the kids due to his death or disability? Have you discussed this matter and found solutions?

Taking care of our children is not as simple as it was in yesteryears. It takes planning and more than anything it takes ACTION.

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