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Four Tips to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

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2015 has arrived and with it many new possibilities so, how are you going to make it your best year yet?

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Define what is right for you

A new year means a whole new opportunity to meet your goals in your own way. Are you one of those people who have made countless resolutions each new year only to forget them a few weeks later? That may mean that resolutions just are not for you. So what? It is important to find ways that help you work towards your goals without making you feel like a big puddle of loser compared to your colleague who has managed to stick to a diet of green leafs and cucumber water since New Years.

You can create a vision board that displays your bigger aspirations to motivate you or have smaller daily tasks that help you towards reaching your goals. The important thing is to find what works for you.


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Let go of the negative

You cannot expect happiness, success and fulfilment for your life if you have negative people around you and bad thoughts inside you. Moving towards our better selves this year can only happen if we interact with supportive people, the rest only drain us of our positivity. It is also important to be conscious of the thoughts that we repeat to ourselves, as they lower self-esteem leaving us discouraged. Who needs that? Instead of letting these thoughts take over silence them with positive self-talk by reminding yourself of your capabilities and achievements.

Invest in yourself

You are your best investment because let’s face it, you are stuck with yourself for life. You can begin by evaluating the things that held you back from achieving your goals last year. Maybe, you could not get that promotion you have been after because you are not quite qualified enough. You are worth everything necessary to better yourself. You will definitely thank yourself later!

Enjoy the present

Finally, after all is said and done the thing that will make this the best year ever is to appreciate yourself as you are and others as they are right this moment. Sometimes between all the planning, worrying and living we forget to acknowledge all the things that are already going well because the present can seem so burdensome.



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