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Are Your Friends Ruining Your Love Life?

friends ruining love life

Friends can be some of the best people in our lives. They make our lives so much more fun and worthwhile with their jokes and good advice and supportive ears. They are even there for us when things are not so great like that horrible breakup. But what if your friends are actually getting in the way of your happiness? Here are ways that your friends may be ruining your love life:

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You always go out in groups

It is a Friday night and you just want to go out on the town with your friends and have a fantastic time. Some things are the most fun when in a group and partying is definitely one of them. But this can make it very difficult for guys to approach you, especially when you are single and ready to mingle! For many men a group of women can be quite intimidating because if he does ask you out all eyes will be on him and he could be rejected. So imagine how scared he would be to approach you while you are all hot in your “freakum dress” surrounded by loud friends in a club.

This video shows how your phone may be ruining your love life


You have a male BFF

Your guy best friend is great. You have a relationship that transcends gender lines, it is above all that lovey-dovey nonsense and he just gets you like no other. But he could unintentionally be keeping you from finding the right guy. Some people would not feel comfortable dating someone with friends of the opposite sex, let alone a close one. They may think that the friendship is based on attraction or underlying chemistry. Your friend may also sabotage your romantic relationships by giving you bad advice on the guys you date if he may have feelings for you after all.

They take up too much of your time

All healthy relationships have space, where both people can be apart without feeling guilty about it or the need to constantly contact them. This is also true about friendships. Although, it is fun and relaxing to hang out with our friends we should not be around them all the time. You may just be deciding if you want to take things to the next level dating or already be in a serious relationship.

But spending too much time with friends can keep you from getting to know your significant other properly. Your partner may also become resentful if you blow them off to be with your friends because they will not feel like they are a priority in your life.

They know too much about your relationship

There are few things as good as letting off a bit of steam with your friends. They listen to all your problems when your relationship is in a rut and they may even, have great ways to solve them. There are things about your relationship that you can tell your friends like where the two of you ate last night or if they are being abusive (tell someone immediately) towards you. But you will sabotage your love life if you tell you are sharing too much with your friends.

A lot of the things that happen between you and your partner are assumed to be private and they would not be too pleased to know that they really are not so private. How would you feel about your lover spilling everything about you even, the things that are a little embarrassing?

They do not respect your relationship

When you have been friends with someone for a long time and they have seen you through many relationships it can be difficult for them to accept when you become serious about somebody in particular. A good friend would give their stamp of approval if they know that you are happy with the person you have chosen. However, a not so good friend will undermine your significant other if they do not accept them or feel threatened. Your friends may actively put down your partner based on their looks, job or habits. They may be more subtle by giving bad advice or only pointing out the bad side of your relationship. They may even, cause you to disrespect your own relationship by encouraging you to lie to or cheat on your partner.

We all want a balanced life that includes all the people we hold most dear. However, this may not be possible if any of these people are at odds with one another. Our friends may or may not mean to ruin our love lives but unfortunately it can happen.

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