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Fun Christmas Things to Do With Your Man

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Some parents, if they aren’t careful, can make Christmas all about the kids. It’s true, they are the ones that still believe in Santa Claus, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones who should be making memories. It’s just as important to make memories with your spouse and turn the holidays into something special just for the two of you. Here are a handful of ideas that we came up with:

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I know a family that does this and I LOVE it. This can be a tradition just for the two of you, or you can make it a family tradition. Each year, before you go to bed on on Christmas Eve, you give each other an ornament that represents a favorite memory together that year. It could represent a vacation, something funny, or something meaningful. Another way to do this is to take turns buying the ornament each year. After several years of doing this, you will have a tree full of memories, and you can have fun remembering them all as you pull them out each year.




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