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Fun Easter Activities and Ideas for the Kids

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It’s Easter time again, a time where families get together to spend quality time with one another. Fun Easter activities and ideas don’t just need to be for the kids, that is why we have put together a few things the moms and dads can be involved in as well.

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Bunny Shirt



What you will need:
Bunny pattern
White shirt
Freezer paper
Fabric paint
Pencil with an unused eraser

How to:
Trace the bunny silhouette pattern onto the shiny side of the freezer paper and cut it out. Mum or dad, iron the bunny shiny side down onto the shirt. Put freezer paper on the inside of the shirt to keep the paint from leaking though and dip your pencil eraser stamp into the paint and start stamping. Don’t get too much paint on the eraser or you will end up with an unsightly blob instead of a sweet dot. Make sure the stamps are close together around the outline of the bunny. Let the paint dry and peel off the paper. Follow the instructions on your paint to heat set it.


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