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Four Tips to Gain Influence at Work

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More often than not, women find it harder to be taken seriously in the workplace. Even if you are highly qualified and possess a strong work ethic, trying to push or influence men and other women in the workplace is always a challenge.

Trying to gain respect in the workplace does not come from being bossy or making friends with everyone. Women need to make sure that they change the way co-workers might see them and present themselves, not as stereotypes, but as fully capable women deserving of others respect.

Here are FOUR ways you can make sure your colleagues take you seriously:

Dress for Success

When dressing or work, make sure that it is within the company dress code. Many women feel most confident when dressed up, but looking too overdone can give the wrong impression. You just want to feel good without attracting any awkward attention.

Mind Your Language

You don’t want to sound unsure of yourself or timid when speaking to co-workers. This does not mean you need to shout to make yourself heard or to make a point, but rather speaking with confidence and using good tone. Your use of language will show how much confidence you have in what you are trying to convey to others. Also, do not waffle or ramble. Time is something everyone treasures so when you want to make a point, keep it concise and informative.

Know Your Stuff

Learn as much as possible, apply yourself, and make your opinion known. People will generally respect anyone who is well assured and knowledgeable. When you are asked to contribute in a group discussion, your confident response will hold people’s attention and will give you an advantage amongst your co-workers.

Get Acquainted

This does not mean you need to become everybody’s friend, it really means that you want to be “friendly” with everyone you work with. Yes, there may be people you might have personality clashes with, but you don’t want to alienate yourself toward them. You will receive respect from forming good professional relationships.

Your credibility is influential in how far you can succeed in your career. Changing bad habits and learning new ways of self-improvement can help combat the negative reputation that many women are not worth anyone’s time or respect. If you are in a work situation where you find yourself doing all the right things, and are still looked down upon, you should simply consider taking your talents to an organisation that will appreciate your professionalism.

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