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How to Get Clear Skin in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

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With the number of beauty care products on the market and the number of women relying on these products, it is no wonder that the beauty industry in this country is worth millions.The wide range of available products caters to every kind of skin tone and colour – women can also consult a professional if they are not sure about which products to use.

1.    Take care of your skin
Taking care of your skin and keeping it healthy form a young age is one of the best ways to maintain a perfect skin tone.

2.    Your 3 secret weapons
A face wash, toner and moisturiser (or cream) twice a day is one of the simple ways to get your clear and perfect skin.

Some people forgo the toner but it is also a vital part of the washing process as it helps tighten and moisturise the facial skin.

3.    Make-Up Remover
Make up is meant to enhance facial features and used as a form of concealer. However, it is supposed to be carefully removed because if you don’t, it might cause some lasting damage to your skin.

The best way to remove make up, is by first removing it with facial wipes, then performing a quicker night time version of washing your face.    http://www.inspiringwomen.co.za/articles/101-face-and-beauty/1393-5-minute-nighttime-skincare-routine

4.    Avoid hazardous products
With the multiple beauty products available, make sure that you use clinically approved products. Sometimes cheap is not better, be willing to spend money on your face because it is worth it.

With the rise of skin bleaching worldwide, where dark skinned women use bleaching agents for lighter skin tone it is easy to fall in the trap of cheaper prices as the procedures can be quite expensive.

5.    Moisturise at all times
In the summer, your face will sweat and feel like it is always oily and the urge to just rinse it with pure water and not apply anything might be overwhelming. On the other hand in the winter, your skin will feel dry most of the time and you might overuse your moisturiser.

Avoid this by all means; you have to have a balance all year round. Keep to washing your face twice daily and taking care of your skin the way you would on cooler days.

Your face is the one feature that people distinguish you by, that is why it is important for you to take very good care of it. Do not take it for granted – even if the effects don’t show now, in time they will and you will wish you had taken better care of it while you had the chance.

Thembakazi Mbobela

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