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How to Get Natural-Looking Brows

Thick naturally shaped brows are back for sometimes now , from the runways to the silver screen . Time for those perfectly shaped and pencil thin brows are gone . Now the more natural the look the better compliments you’d gather, but nailing that perfectly-imperfect natural brow style can still feel elusive. It’s okay, by the time we’re done, you’ll be ready to put Cindy Crawford to shame. Well, her brows, anyway.

1. Pick the right product.

One of the positive side effects of the big brow boom is that there are a lot more products to choose from than when you browsed the drugstore aisles in high school. Powders, pomades, gels, pens; it can be a little overwhelming. When it comes to getting that your-brows-but-better look, makeup artist and The BrowGal founder Tonya Crooks (who has wrangled the arches of Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, and Jenna Dewan Tatum), suggests opting for either a pencil or powder.

In the case of pencils, try a fine-tipped automatic version. Powders, on the other hand, tend to have a more noticeable color payout, so the secret there is to pick one that’s exactly the right shade. Speaking of which…

2.  Find the correct shade.

The key to an excellent, natural looking brow is picking the perfect tone that matches your brow color,” says Crooks. When it comes to brows, you can separate colors into two main families: warm and ash, sort of a counterpoint to having a warm or cool complexion. Since brows are typically close to the same color as your hair, use that as a jumping off point: those with warm brows tend to have red, auburn, or golden shades in their hair, while those with ash-tones have cooler, more neutral tones like umber.

If you’re on the fence about which tone family you belong to—or if you ride the line between warm and ashy can be a good choice, since the multiple shade options let you mix and match to customize your color.

3. Use a light touch.

Whether you’re going pencil or powder, the success of natural-looking brows is all about precision. For pencils, that means making sure it’s well sharpened and you’re using the very tip. For powders, your best choice is a dual-ended brush, with an angled brush tip on one end and a spoolie on the other.

Either way, start by brushing your brows up and out with a spoolie so you can see them at their fullest. Next, make light, hair-like strokes in a staggered pattern, focusing on any sparse spots. Now blend like your brows depend on it. “Blending to perfection is key, ensuring there are no harsh edges to achieve a natural look,” says Crooks.

Just do your best to keep the shading uniform, and remember: Those Instagram-famous brows with the sharp, dark ends that fade out to nothing as they head toward the nose may be dramatic, but nobody’s natural brow grows that way. In real life, less is very much more.

4. Shape of the brow.

Besides the brows thickness , even their shape matters a lot. If you have already stayed on day after day with over plucked and plastic doll threaded eyebrows then it’s time that for atleast once let them grow back to their natural shape and then follow the shape of your eyes and brow bones to get a knowledge of how thick or where to make the brow high or where to make it steep and where to end it’s beginning and where to end it . You may also seek professional and quality help for this. Tweaking the brow hinders the naturlness of the eyebrow shape.

Quick Steps:

  1. Straight scissors, mascara wand, brow pencil and slanted brush, along with brow powder and the cult classic Tweezerman tweezers are all brow-grooming essentials.

2. When grooming the perfect brow on your own try a tweeze-trim technique. Begin by fluffing the brow and moving hair away from upper lid.

3. Tweeze the lid underneath the brow line to create a smooth finish but don’t go to deep into the brow line and compromise your brow shape. For any hair undergrowth you can’t tweeze, cover with a cream or powder concealer.

4.. Lightly trim the top of the brow if hair is long and unruly.

5. Begin to define the brow by outlining with a brow pencil starting a quarter way along the bottom of your brow. Brunettes, remember to choose a colour that’s one shade lighter than your hair colour and blondes, one shade darker.


6. Finishing powder is a great way to make your brows look fuller. Lightly dust the mid point over your brow and then brush along the tail

7. Complete the look by brushing out excess product to create a natural brow that’s not weighed down by product.

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