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How to get the Perfect Plum Lips Every time

Plum Lips

Have you ever wanted to know how to achieve a dark berry or plum lip and how to get it perfectly done? Well you have found the right place to find out how to get the perfect plum lip and have it done flawlessly every time.

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Know When To Wear a Plum Lip

A plum lip is a bold colour to pull off. This deep colour requires “heavy” clothing, clothes you would most likely wear in autumn or winter. Wear dark blues, burgundy or deep reds to complement your lip colour. Also, try to wear a plum lip in the evening, as the colour is a little strong for a daytime look. However, if you choose to wear it as daytime makeup, just make sure you evenly balance you colours so to avoid a heavy Goth look.

Know What Shade Best Suits You

Because we don’t all have the same skin tones, not all lip colours will look good on everyone. This is why it is important to find the best lipstick colours for your complexion. Now plum lips can be achieved by wearing similar purple shades that can give you that perfect plum lip.

Apply colour with Brush

The best way to apply burgundy lipstick is to do so with a lip brush. The reason why you should use a brush is that dark lip shades have the tendency to mess easily so to avoid any mishaps, you will want to use a lip brush to put on your lipstick precisely to get the perfect lip application.

Toss the gloss

We know that adding lip-gloss to complete your lip look is a common practice, but you might want to omit putting on gloss with a deep plum lip. A matte lip looks best when wearing dark lip shades and you also risk having your lipstick bleed onto your skin, which is a nightmare.

Go Boldly

Wearing the perfect plum lip is a statement look so you need to wear it with boldness and confidence.

These are simple tips you can follow to get the perfect plum lip and it works every time so go ahead and try it!

Written by Busi Nhlapo

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