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How to Get the Romance Back After Your Baby

romance back in relationship after baby

After having a baby you may not be up to getting intimate with your significant other like before. Your body feels somewhat different than before, you are flooded by hormones, and your baby demands all of your attention. There are ways that you can get the romance back in your relationship after your baby.

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Talk it out

romance back in relationship after baby

You and your partner are going through one of the most challenging parts of human life – adjusting to a new baby. It is okay that you have all kinds of emotions right now.

Lack of sleep can do that. Be open about the way you feel about yourself and your relationship with your partner. Encourage them to do the same. This is the simplest way to stay on the same page.

Communicating through emails and SMSs when you are apart can be helpful. These are also platforms to try out your seduction skills. Some couples have found that sending messages during the day can help them feel connected. You can get as sweet or naughty as you like, it goes a long way.

Keep in touch, literally

When you cannot get as intimate as you would like, simple touch can provide the intimacy that you need. You can try to hug them more often to show that you still care. Small gestures can be meaningful and reassuring. A quick unexpected shoulder rub while they work or stroking their arm while you both watch TV can preserve your connection. In the evenings while your child is asleep you can take turns giving each other body massages.

Steal some time

Having a baby can feel a little like being a teenager again. You actually have to plan to spend time together and be sneaky about what you get up to. Well, now you have a wailing baby to answer to. You can steal some intimate time while the baby naps in the afternoon.

Nights can be the most difficult time to get in the mood because you are so run down from the day’s work. You can get a babysitter or ask a relative over to watch your baby while you have a romantic night away, just the two of you.

Motherhood drastically changes your relationship with your partner. Although, most of your attention will be showered on your little one, it is important to make time for romance. The above will show you how to get the romance back after your baby. Happy parents make happy kids!

Written by Noma Mtebele

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